Part II Amendments to the Initial Report (June 28, 2013) – Quebec – Introduction


The Report of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Quebec, 2012 (the Commission's report) was tabled in the House of Commons and referred to the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs on February 25, 2013. The clerk of the Committee received 25 objections within the prescribed 30-day time frame, including nine that in fact expressed support for the Commission's report. There were 16 remaining objections. Five, including one that the Committee did not support (Ahuntsic-Cartierville), involved requests for electoral boundary changes, combined in two cases with a request for a name change. The other 11 pertained solely to the names proposed by the Commission.

The Commission has chosen to present its decisions in alphabetical order, based on the electoral district names used in its report of February 15, 2013. This was done in the interests of consistency and ease of reference.

On June 3, 2013, the Speaker of the House of Commons transmitted to Mr. Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer, the objections that the Committee had upheld for consideration. The Commission had 30 days – that is, until July 3, 2013 – to provide its decision on each of the objections. It met on June 25, 26, 27 and 28, 2013, to consider and rule on the objections, either allowing or dismissing them.

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