Saint-Laurent–Cartierville – Existing Boundaries

Consisting of that part of the City of Montréal described as follows: commencing at the intersection of Highway No. 15 (des Laurentides Highway) with Highway No. 40 (Métropolitaine Highway); thence generally southwesterly, generally northwesterly, southwesterly and generally northerly along the southeasterly, southwesterly and northwesterly limits of the former City of Saint-Laurent to the limit between the former cities of Pierrefonds and Montréal; thence northwesterly along the easterly limit of the former City of Pierrefonds to the northwesterly limit of the City of Montréal; thence generally northeasterly along said limit to Highway No. 15 (des Laurentides Highway, Médéric-Martin Bridge); thence generally southeasterly along said highway to the point of commencement.

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