Commission's Report – Prince Edward Island

The Commission's Decision

The Commission's initial proposal included no changes to the electoral district boundaries.

When the existing electoral boundaries were created in 2002, there were negative variances from the electoral quota of –4.67% in Charlottetown and –2.25% in Malpeque respectively. As predicted these electoral districts continue to show the most population growth. The current population data arising from the 2011 Census shows the following variances:

Population Quota: 35,051

Federal Electoral District Population 2011 Variance
Cardigan 36,005 2.72%
Charlottetown 34,562 –1.40%
Egmont 34,598 –1.29%
Malpeque 35,039 –0.03%

Given the insignificant variances arising from the 2011 data, the Commission sees no reason to adjust the current boundaries. There have been no observable shifts in communities of interest or identity, nor has there been any recent change in the historical pattern of the electoral districts. The Commission is convinced that the current electoral boundaries are working effectively.

The Commission recognized that its proposal did not advance change; however, public comments were welcomed to assist the Commission in ensuring that the obligations of the Act had been fully discharged.

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