Toronto–Danforth – Existing Boundaries

Consisting of that part of the City of Toronto described as follows: commencing at the intersection of the southerly limit of the City of Toronto with a line drawn due south from the southerly extremity of Ashbridge's Bay; thence due north along said line to the extremity of Ashbridge's Bay; thence generally northerly along said bay to its intersection with a straight line drawn on a bearing of 210° from the intersection of Coxwell Avenue and Lake Shore Boulevard East; thence in a straight line on a bearing of 30° to said intersection; thence northerly along Coxwell Avenue to Coxwell Boulevard; thence northeasterly along said boulevard and its production to Taylor Creek; thence generally westerly along said creek and the Don River East Branch to the Don River; thence generally westerly and generally southerly along said river to the Keating Channel; thence westerly along said channel and its production to the southerly production of Parliament Street; thence southerly to the southerly extremity of the Eastern Channel of Toronto Harbour; thence southerly to the corner of the southerly limit of the City of Toronto, said corner being situated southerly of the Outer Harbour East Headland (Leslie Street Spit); thence generally northeasterly along said limit to the point of commencement.

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