Proposed Boundaries – Ontario

Requirements for Making Submissions During Commission Hearings

The Commission will conduct hearings in all regions of Ontario to hear representations concerning the boundaries and names it has proposed.

The Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act requires advance notice for all presentations before any Commission hearings. The relevant subsection of the Act states:

19. (5) No representation shall be heard by a commission at any sittings held by it for the hearing of representations from interested persons unless notice in writing is given to the secretary of the commission within 23 days after the date of the publication of the last advertisement under subsection (2), stating the name and address of the person who seeks to make the representation and indicating concisely the nature of the representation and of the interest of the person.

All notices of intent to make representations must be received or postmarked no later than October 1, 2012, and must be addressed to:

Ms. Beverly Hayter
Commission Secretary
Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario
130 King Street West, Suite 3670
P.O. Box 368
Toronto, ON
M5X 2A2

Faxed notices (1-855-747-7225), e-mailed notices ( and mailed representations (to the address above) will be accepted provided they have a name and address that can be confirmed.

Notices may also be submitted electronically by completing the online form available at under Ontario > Public Hearings.

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