Commission's Report – Nova Scotia


The Commission wishes to express its appreciation to those who appeared and spoke at the hearings and also to those who provided written submissions. Some of the submissions played a significant part in the changes that resulted in this Report. We could not incorporate the views expressed in all of the submissions, but all representations were seriously considered and were helpful in reaching our conclusions.

I, as Chair, wish to express my appreciation to the other Commission members and our staff for their unfailing dedication to the objectives of the Commission, their good humour and their constant professionalism. Professors Carbert and Blaikie brought their extensive knowledge and experience relating to the electoral aspects of the democratic process to the Commission. Both of these individuals embody the best of academia.

The Commission wishes to thank our only full-time staff person, Ms. Barbara Penick (Commission Secretary), who performed her functions in an exemplary manner. Ms. Penick’s considerable legal and administrative background and her experience with the previous commission, combined with her total dedication to this Commission, resulted in a smooth-running and efficient process.

We also wish to thank Ms. Susan Paterson, our map and geography specialist from Ottawa, who so ably performed her function in assisting the Commission. Ms. Paterson generously made herself available beyond her normal function, both at the hearings and during our deliberations.

We also wish to thank the staff at Elections Canada who provided the Commission with unwavering administrative and technical support, while at the same time fully respecting the independence of the Commission.

In closing, as Chair, I must remark that it was a pleasure to work with a group so committed to ensuring our function was performed efficiently and conscientiously. As a result of this commitment and the spirit of co-operation, an important process was completed to the satisfaction of all involved.

Dated at Halifax, Nova Scotia, this 21st day of November, 2012.

Honourable Justice Allan P. Boudreau

Dr. Louise Carbert
Deputy Chair

Professor David Blaikie

Ms. Barbara Penick
Commission Secretary

CERTIFIED copy of the Report of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for the Province of Nova Scotia.



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